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Turner 3 – Clipper and turner Turns articles, for example clothing, clothing parts, coin purse linings, stuffed toy shells, or textile bags, right side out, according to one of following methods: (a) Pulls article or part downward over lower vertical rod of holding device and folds end of article or part over end of rod. Depresses pedal that closes jaws of holding device and pulls article upward, over upper rod, to reverse it. Releases pedal and removes article from upper rod. (b) Places end or edge of article over rod or form and draws rest of article downward over rod or form to reverse it. (c) Slides article over pipe and pushes end of article through pipe, using rod. (d) Reverses article by hand. May also clip loose threads and thread between chain-sewn articles, using scissors. May also turn bags over form equipped with blade to cut thread between chain-sewn bags. May also insert gathering string into hem of bags, using needle. May also turn garments having closed portions, using air-activated suction tube. May also be designated according to article or part turned as Belt Turner (clothing industry), Collar Turner (clothing industry), Cuff Turner (knitting industry), Hose Turner (knitting industry), Inverter-And-Clipper (leather products industry), Necktie Turner (clothing industry), Reverser (textile products).

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