Rotary Engine Assembler: A description for the rotary engine assembler job

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Rotary Engine Assembler – Assembles and tests industrial rotary engines, following blueprints and using handtools and power tools: Inspects parts and housing to verify conformity to parts list and blueprint specifications, using micrometer, feeler gauges, and dial indicators. Inspects wiring harnesses for defects, rewires defective harnesses, and connects terminals of harness wires as indicated, following schematics. Tests and adjusts magnetos, using timing light. Dips parts into cleaning tank of ultrasonic cleaning equipment to clean part surfaces, and hones cleaned parts to smooth finish, using hand files and emery paper. Aligns housing on fixture, using jib crane and measuring tools, to position housing for insertion of parts, working as member of team. Sizes and finishes holes in housing and parts to specified tolerances, using power drills and reamers. Inserts or attaches and secures holding pins, seals, pipes, and tubing, using measuring instruments and handtools or power tools. Positions engine on test block, aligns engine with brake, and bolts engine to bed of block. Connects piping and attachments, using handtools, to supply engine with water, oil, fuel, and exhaust lines and systems during test operation. Connects test panel lines, starts engine, and observes gauges to verify that parts function according to specifications. May also disassemble and repair engines. May also fabricate engine parts.

Job industry: engine industry

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