Turning Sander Tender: A description for the turning sander tender job

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Turning Sander Tender – Sanding-machine tender, automatic Tends sanding machine that sands cylindrical woodstock by rotating stock against strips of sandpaper backed by sanding brushes: Turns handwheel to space chucks of machine according to length of stock, and aligns feed rest for feeding stock to stock carriers, using wrench. Clamps strips of slitted sandpaper and sanding brushes in position. Pushes button to start machine. Places stock on feed rest for pick up by rotating spindles or positions stocks between chucks manually. Observes and feels stock discharged from machine into receptacle to verify smoothness, or removes stock from chucks manually. Cleans machine with airhose. May also move levers to adjust feed carrier and rotating chucks, and to force sanding brushes against stock. May also tend sanding machine that removes excess plaster of paris from corncob pipe bowls and be designated Bowl Sander (products industry).

Job industry: wood working

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