Typists And Typewriting Machine Operators: A description for the typists and typewriting machine operators group

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Typists And Typewriting Machine Operators: This job group consists off jobs concerned primarily with recording, transcribing, transmitting, duplicating, and receiving data by means of a typewriter or a machine equipped with a typewriter-like keyboard. Also included are jobs whose duties include substantial typing tasks and jobs regarding to cold-type setting of type. Jobs involving typesetting by metal type or other traditional methods are included in Group 650.

Job descriptions in this group:
Telegraphic Typewriter Operators Supervisor
Transcribing Operators Supervisor
Word Processing Supervisor
Typing Section Chief
Clerk Typist
Credit Reporting Clerk
Caption Writer
Cancellation Clerk
Magnetic Tape Composer Operator
Varitype Operator
Word Processing Machine Operator
Wire Transfer Clerk
Braille Operator
Braille Typist
Cryptographic Machine Operator
Perforator Typist
Photocomposing Perforator Machine Operator
Photocomposition Keyboard Operator
Telegraphic Typewriter Operator
Data Entry Clerk
Transcribing Machine Operator
Typesetter Perforator Operator

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