Magnetic Tape Composer Operator: A description for the magnetic tape composer operator job

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Magnetic Tape Composer Operator: Alternate titles: composing-machine operator Operates magnetic-tape recording and typographic composing machine to prepare copy used for offset printing of forms, documents, advertisements, and other matter, following copy and layout instructions and using knowledge of typesetting and typing techniques: Clips copy and instructions to copy holder. Inserts blank tape cartridges on tape-station hubs and starts recorder to thread tape. Selects and attaches specified type-font element to typewriter carrier. Adjusts margins and other spacing mechanisms to set line justification. Types from marked copy, using electric typewriter that simultaneously produces proof copy and master tape. Types in composer control codes according to program sequence to allow change of type font and format. Proofreads copy. Makes corrections by strikeover on proof copy, automatically correcting identical material on master tape, or retypes corrected portions only, generating correction tape. Reference codes correction tape to error location in original copy and tape. Removes tape cartridges from recorder and installs cartridges, with correction tape, if any, into composer-output printer. Installs specified type font and sets escapement and vertical spacing controls. Keys in layout and composing codes on control panel, following program sequence. Inserts coated paper and starts composer. Operates composer controls in response to function-light indicators and changes type font and format as work progresses. Removes copy from composer, examines copy for errors, and makes necessary corrections. May also specialize in operation of recorder or composer units. May also operate varitype machine to set headline copy [VARITYPE OPERATOR (clerical jobs)]. May also prepare final camera-ready copy and layout, using waxing machine and drafting tools and equipment.

Job industry: printing industry

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