Veneer Glue Spreader: A description for the veneer glue spreader job

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Veneer Glue Spreader: Core feeder, glue-spreader operator, veneer gluer Tends machine that spreads glue on both sides of precut veneer stock (crossbands or core boards) or particleboard before assembly into plywood or veneered panels: Turns valve on glue hopper above machine to fill troughs formed between application rollers and doctor rolls. Turns handwheel, crank, or tension screws to space rollers according to thickness of stock. Starts machine, scans stock to detect knotholes or large splits, and discards culls in handcart. Feeds stock between rollers. Observes level of glue in troughs between doctor rolls and rollers, and turns valve to replenish glue when level is low. Periodically feels discharged stock to determine if glue is being spread evenly and if glue coating is sufficient to bond stock in panels, and adjusts rollers to correct defective gluing. Cleans glue from rollers, using hot water or alcohol and brush. May also lubricate machine. May also mix glue.

Job industry: wood industry wood products

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