Wastewater Treatment Plant Attendant: A description for the wastewater treatment plant attendant job

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Wastewater Treatment Plant Attendant – Sewage-plant attendant Tends pumps, conveyors, blowers, chlorinators, vacuum filters, and other equipment used to decontaminate wastewater (sewage) by settling, aeration, and sludge digestion: Removes obstructions, for example coarse materials from bar-screens, to accelerate influent through initial screening process. Adjusts pipe valves to regulate flow velocity through settling tanks to separate sludge by sedimentation. Turns air and steam valves to aerate effluent, and to control temperature in sludge digestion tanks. Observes temperature gauges to determine lubrication of equipment. Reads charts, flow meters, and gauges to detect equipment malfunctions. Collects samples, makes process reports, and performs minor repairs on equipment as directed by WASTEWATER-TREATMENT-PLANT OPERATOR (sanitary services). May also be designated according to station assignments as Activated-Sludge Attendant (sanitary services), Grit Station Attendant (sanitary services), Pump-And-Blower Attendant (sanitary services), Sludge-Control Attendant (sanitary services), Sludge-Filtration Attendant (sanitary services).

Job industry: sanitary services

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