Jobs In Disposal Of Refuse And Sewage: A description for the jobs in disposal of refuse and sewage group

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Jobs In Disposal Of Refuse And Sewage – This job group consists off jobs regarding to equipment to regulate flow of radioactive or sewage waste and sludge through pumps, conveyors, blowers, chlorinators, vacuum filters, and other decontaminating equipment, controlling equipment to burn garbage, refuse, and sludge cake, collecting garbage and refuse from homes and business establishments, and related activities for example street cleaning and snow removal. Includes jobs regarding to landfill operations. Jobs regarding to the transportation of garbage and trash to disposaal areas are found in Group 909.

Job descriptions in this group:
Supervisory Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator
Incinerator Plant Supervisor
Sanitary Landfill Supervisor
Snow Removing Supervisor
Radioactive Waste Disposal Dispatcher
Wastewater Treatment Plant Instructor
Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator
Incinerator Operator 2
Clarifying Plant Operator
Waste Treatment Operator
Waste Disposal Attendant
Sanitary Landfill Operator
Wastewater Treatment Plant Attendant
Incinerator Plant Laborer
Incinerator Operator 1
Sewage Disposal Worker
Snow Shoveler
Street Cleaner
Garbage Collector

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