Welders Cutters And Related Jobs: A description for the welders cutters and related jobs division

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Welders Cutters And Related Jobs – This job division consists off jobs primarily regarding to joining, surfacing, or otherwise fabricating or repairing structures or parts of metal or other weldable material, for example plastic or glass, applying the following welding or cutting processes: arc, gas, resistance, solid state (friction, ultrasonic, cold, explosion, diffusion), and other processes, for example electroslag, electron beam, induction, thermit, and laser beam. Welders in this division are distinguished from workers using welding equipment in other divisions by their knowledge of and experience in welding technology and in being primarily regarding to the equipment and technology of welding. Workers classified in other divisions may also use welding equipment, but their knowledge and experience are primarily in assembly or repair techniques. For example, welders who work on storage batteries can be found in Group 727.

Job groups in this division:
Arc Welders And Cutters
Gas Welders
Resistance Welders
Brazing Braze Welding And Soldering Jobs
Solid State Welders
Electron Beam Electroslag Thermit Induction And Laser Beam Welders
Thermal Cutters And Arc Cutters
Welders Cutters And Related Jobs Nec

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