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Art Director: Formulates concepts and supervises workers engaged in executing layout designs for art work and copy to be presented by visual communications media, for example magazines, books, newspapers, television, posters, and packaging: Reviews illustrative material and confers with client or individual responsible for presentation regarding budget, background information, objectives, presentation approaches, styles, techniques, and related production factors. Formulates basic layout design concept and conducts research to select and secure suitable illustrative material, or conceives and assigns production of material and detail to artists and photographers. Assigns and directs staff members to develop design concepts into art layouts and prepare layouts for printing. Reviews, approves, and presents final layouts to client or department head for approval. May also perform duties of GRAPHIC DESIGNER (professional industry) to design art layouts. May also mark up, paste up, and finish layouts to prepare layouts for printing. May also draw illustrations. May also prepare detailed story board showing sequence and timing of story development when producing material for television. May also specialize in particular field, media, or type of layout.

Job industry: professional industry

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