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Art Work Jobs Brush Spray Or Pen – This job group consists off jobs regarding to copying or altering designs or lettering following layout or other directions, retouching original artwork, including photographic negatives or positives, using brush, spray, airbrush, or pen, drawing lines, for example column rules, on page layouts, and related artwork. Creating layouts and producing original art are included in Division 14.

Job descriptions in this group:
Artist Suspect Supervisor
Sign Shop Supervisor
Airbrush Artist
Photograph Retoucher
Hand Sign Writer
Photoengraving Sketch Maker
Form Designer
Repeat Chief
Suspect Artist
Photography Colorist
Mannequin Decorator
Lay Out Former
Hand Painter
Sign Painter
Photoengraving Retoucher
Photographic Spotter
Stencil Cutter 1
Type Copyist
Music Grapher
Sign Painter Helper
Ben Day Artist
Colorer 1
Inker And Opaquer
Animated Cartoons Painter
Plate Painter

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