Jobs In Metal Fabricating Nec: A description for the jobs in metal fabricating nec division

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Jobs In Metal Fabricating Nec – This job division consists off jobs regarding to fabricating, erecting, and repairing building frames and ornamental metalwork, bridges, trestles, marine craft and structures, boilers, storage tanks, drilling rigs, towers, and other structures generally assembled from heavy structural plates, beams, and castings, fitting and assembling vehicle bodies, airframes, prefabricated door casings and window frames, air ducts, and other structural units assembled from stock or preformed sheet metal and structural shapes, and assembling or repairing boats, automobile bodies, and other structural units partially or entirely constructed of rigid plastics or fiberglass.

Job groups in this division:
Riveters Nec
Fitting Bolting Screwing And Related Jobs
Tinsmiths Coppersmiths And Sheet Metal Workers
Transportation Equipment Assemblers And Related Jobs
Structural Repairers Transportation Equipment
Miscellaneous Jobs In Metal Fabricating Nec

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