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Automotive Machinist: Sets up and operates variety of general or specialized metalworking machines to repair automotive engine parts or auxiliary units, for example transmission, differential, springs, or brakes, applying knowledge of mechanics, shop mathematics, metal properties, and machine procedures: Operates lathe to machine water-pump castings, piston heads, valves, and other automotive parts. Clamps piston in carriage of piston-grinding-and-turning machine to grind piston heads to fit cylinders. Adjusts grinding wheel to make cut of specified depth. Clamps valves in position on grinding wheel to grind seating surfaces of valves, moving levers to achieve required depth of cut. Operates boring machine to machine internal surfaces of cylinders in engine block. Cleans parts, before and after machining, in agitator-type cleaning tank to remove grease, rust stains, and foreign matters. Operates lathe, boring, or honing machine to refinish internal surfaces of bearings and connecting rods. Verifies dimensions, using measuring instruments, for example micrometers, calipers, and height gauges to ensure adherence to tolerance specifications. May also grind metal surfaces of engine block or other parts, using portable or bench grinders. May also spray worn or gouges parts with molten aluminum, zinc, or other metal to build up parts [METAL SPRAYER, MACHINED PARTS (industry)]. May also examine parts for fractures, using magnaflux test equipment. May also repair cracks in engine head and other vehicle parts with arc or gas welding equipment. May also operate drum lathe to resurface brake drums. May also repair and resurface leaf and coil springs, axles, king pins, bushings, and universal joints.

Job industry: automotive industry

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