Automotive Painter Helper: A description for the automotive painter helper job

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Automotive Painter Helper – Sander Assists PAINTER, TRANSPORTATION EQUIPMENT (aerospace industry) (air industry) (automotive industry) 845.381-014 by preparing surfaces of automotive vehicles, for example automobiles, buses, and trucks, for repainting and polishes repainted vehicles: Sands rough spots on automotive vehicle. Sprays scratched areas with filler solution, using spray gun. Applies paper and masking tape to protect unpainted surfaces, for example bumpers, windows, and chrome trim. Removes gloss from intermediate coats of paint, using wet sandpaper, to ensure adherence of next coat. Polishes final coat of paint, using polishing compound and cloth. Paints surfaces not readily accessible, for example wheels and underside of fenders, using brush and spray gun. May also remove and replace chrome moldings and trim. May also brush or spray undercoating material on replaced parts. Performs other duties as described under HELPER (industry) Master Title.

Job industry: automotive industry

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