Stripping Shovel Oiler: A description for the stripping shovel oiler job

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Stripping Shovel Oiler – Oiler Lubricates stripping shovel used to remove overburden at strip mine or open pit: Observes panel to determine efficiency of automatic lubrication system. Heats dope (heavy duty lubricant) in dope box and sprays lubricant onto gears and other moving parts. Oils and greases shovel while in operation, using hand grease gun and oilcan. Inspects parts, for example swing pinions, boom pins, hoist gears, brakes, boom cable, and supports to detect wear. Records production, repairs, and downtime. May also start driving mechanism of shovel and guide shovel into working position. May also operate stripping shovel [STRIPPING-SHOVEL OPERATOR (mining industry)]. May also lubricate other mining and quarrying equipment and be designated Dragline Oiler (mining industry), Walking-Dragline Oiler (mining industry).

Job industry: mining industry

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