Baling Machine Tender: A description for the baling machine tender job

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Baling Machine Tender – Baler operator, baling-press operator, press operator, tie puller, waste baler Tends machine that compresses and binds paper, cloth, or other loose materials to facilitate handling: Trucks or carries materials to baling machine. Places materials in compression chamber of baling machine. Moves lever or electric switch, causing ram to compress material. Threads tie bands around bale and twists or clamps ends of bands to tighten bands. Opens compression chamber doors and removes bale from machine. May also truck bales to storage place, weigh bales, and record weight. May also line compression chamber of baling machine with paper, burlap, or other covering before baling. May also sew or tie wrapping in place after baling, and stencil bales. May also be designated according to material baled as Cloth Baler (textile industry), Feather Baler (text. prod., nec), Metal Baler (industry), Paper Baler (paper industry), Rag Baler (laundry industry), Tobacco Baler (tobacco industry), Corn-Husk Baler (feed industry), Hair Baler (leather industry), Leather Baler (leather industry), Offal Baler (leather industry), Scrap Baler (primary industry) (mill industry).

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