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Marker 1A – Labeler, stamper Marks or affixes trademarks or other identifying information, for example size, color, grade, or process code, on merchandise, material, or product, using one or more methods, for example metal punch and hammer, crayon, rubber stamp and ink, electric pencil, branding iron, acid and stencil, sand-grit and stencil, or tags. May also inspect items before marking. May also attach gummed labels to merchandise, material, or product, using tag dispensing machine. May also clean items. May also use printing mechanism or labeling press. When marking is performed as task of packaging duties, worker should be classified according to type of packaging performed as PACKAGER, HAND (industry) 920.587-018, PACKAGER, MACHINE (industry) 920.685-078, or BALING-MACHINE TENDER (industry) 920.685-010.

Job industry: industry

Other job descriptions:
Marker 1A
Agricultural Produce Packer
Paper Inserter
Repack Room Worker
Rosin Barrel Filler
Sample Worker
Shingle Packer
Shoe Packer
Shot Bagger
Snuff Box Finisher
Stenciler 1
Sterilizer 1
Table Cover Folder
Tie Binder
Cans Vacuum Tester
Wool Sacker
Worm Packer
Rigging Supervisor
Hook Tender
Track Supervisor
Crane Crew Supervisor
Load Out Supervisor
Material Handling Supervisor
Coal Yard Supervisor
Material Crew Supervisor
Rigger 4
Rigging Slinger
Grain Receiver
Pneumatic System Conveyor Operator
Coke Loader
Cement Loader
Drier Transfer Car Operator
Car Dumper Operator
Charge Machine Operator
Conveyor System Operator
Marine Railway Operator
Tipple Operator
Overhead Crane Operator
Cherry Picker Operator
Chip Unloader
Derrick Operator
Hoist Operator
Hoisting Engineer
Irradiated Fuel Handler
Locomotive Crane Operator
Monorail Crane Operator
Pneumatic Hoist Operator
Scraper Loader Operator
Tower Crane Operator
Tractor Crane Operator
Truck Crane Operator
Yarding Engineer
Overhead Crane Truck Loader
Line Mover
Rigger 5
Cement Boat And Barge Loader
Boat Hoist Operator Helper
Chaser 1
Hoisting Laborer
Wharf Worker
Malt House Loader
Palletizer Operator 1
Stacker And Sorter Operator
Transfer Controller
Boat Hoist Operator
Boom Conveyor Operator
Cantilever Crane Operator
Coal Equipment Operator
Cupola Hoist Operator
Derrick Boat Operator
Freight Elevator Operator
Front End Loader Operator
Hydraulic Boom Operator
Industrial Truck Operator
Jammer Operator
Log Loader
Skip Operator
Sorting Grapple Operator
Straddle Truck Operator
Tower Loader Operator
Transfer Car Operator
Winch Driver
Yard Worker 1

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