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Basket Assembler 1 – Basket maker Tends machines that fabricate components of veneer, rattan, reed, and willow baskets of specified size and shape and assembles components, performing any combination of following tasks: Interlaces strips of veneer or other materials to weave basket bottom. Tends machine to shape woven bottom and interlace veneer strips with bottom to form sides. Bends extended ends of bottom perpendicular to matted portion of bottom and places hoop around ends to hold ends in position for weaving ends and sides. Staples rim to basket bottom. Tapers or points ends, using knife, and weaves ends into sides. Nails rims together to hold sides in place. Tends machine that shapes and staples veneer strips to basket rim. Tends basket-cover machine to cut cover mats (woven veneer strips) to size. Tends machine that bends basket cover into arc and staples rim to cover. Stitches or staples reinforcing splints (wood strips) to top edges of mat. Shapes wire in bail-bender to form bails (wire handles). Bends soaked wood strips to form basket handles. Staples wire handles to rim of basket. Tends machine that clamps wood handles to basket. Examines baskets for imperfections and discards defective baskets for repair. May also be known according to type or section of basket formed or assembled as Bottom Maker (wooden container), Slat-Basket-Top Maker (wooden container), or machine tended as Handle-Machine Operator (wooden container), Hoop-Coiling-Machine Operator (wooden container), Loop-Machine Operator (wooden container), Mat-Machine Tender (wooden container). May also be designated: Basket-Bottom Machine Operator (wooden container), Braider (wooden container), Cover-Machine Operator (wooden container), Cover-Mat-Machine Operator (wooden container), Handle Bender (wooden container), Hamper Maker, Machine (wooden container), Market-Basket Maker (wooden container) I, Stitcher Operator (wooden container), Webb Layer (wooden container).

Job industry: wooden container

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