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Carding Utility Tender – Spare hand, carding Tends any machine in carding department used in converting cotton and synthetic raw stock into laps, sliver, and roving, working as replacement for absent worker: Tends picking machine that cleans and transforms cotton raw stock into laps [PICKER TENDER (textile industry) 680.685-074]. Tends cotton carding machine that cleans lap and transforms remaining fibers into sliver [CARD TENDER (abrasive) (textile industry) 680.685-018]. Tends breaker and finish drawing frame that draws out and combines sliver into one of uniform size and weight [DRAWING-FRAME TENDER (textile industry) 680.685-038]. Tends lap winder that combines several slivers into lap roll for use on combing machines [DRAWING-FRAME TENDER (textile industry) 680.685-038]. Tends synthetic fiber carding machine that opens and transforms raw stock into sliver [CARD TENDER (abrasive) (textile industry) 680.685-018]. Tends combing machine that cleans lap rolls and transforms remaining fibers into sliver [COMBER TENDER (textile industry) 680.685-118]. Tends roving frame that draws out and slightly twists sliver into roving [SLUBBER TENDER (textile industry) 680.685-098]. Feeds bobbin-stripping machine that strips excess roving from bobbins.

Job industry: textile industry

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