Standard Machine Stitcher: A description for the standard machine stitcher job

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Standard Machine Stitcher – Closer, fitter, joiner, maker, seamer, sewer, stayer, stitcher, stitching-machine operator Operates single, double, or multiple-needle stitching machine to join or decorate shoe parts, or to reinforce edges: Selects spool of thread or prewound bobbin, places spool or bobbin on spindle or looper, and draws thread through guides and needles. Aligns parts and presses knee control or pedal to raise presser foot or roller. Positions parts under needle and lowers presser foot or roller. Presses foot or knee control to start machine and guides parts under needle, following seams, edges, or markings, or moves edges of part against guide. Cuts excess thread or material from shoe parts, using scissors or knife. When operating double or multiple-needle machine, may also turn setscrew on needle bar and position one or more needles as specified. May also be designated according to shoe parts stitched as Back-Seam Stitcher (shoes industry), Box-Toe Stitcher (shoes industry). May also be designated according to machine operated as Flatbed Stitcher (shoes industry), Zig-Zag Stitcher (shoes industry). May also be designated according to number of needles in machine operated as Double-Needle Stitcher (shoes industry), Multiple-Needle Stitcher (shoes industry), Single-Needle Stitcher (shoes industry). May also be designated: Backstay Stitcher (shoes industry), Barrer And Tacker (shoes industry), Binding Stitcher (shoes industry), Buckle Sewer, Machine (shoes industry), California Seamer (shoes industry), Counter-Pocket Sewer (shoes industry), Cover Maker (shoes industry), Cut-Out Stitcher (shoes industry), Edge Stitcher (shoes industry), Fancy Stitcher (shoes industry), Flare Stitcher (shoes industry), Gore Inserter (shoes industry), Insole Tape Stitcher, UCO (shoes industry), Label Stitcher (shoes industry), Lining Closer (shoes industry), Lining Stitcher (shoes industry), Lining-Strap Closer (shoes industry), Lining Vamper (shoes industry), Neverslip Stitcher (shoes industry), Postbed Stitcher (shoes industry), Quarter-Lining Stitcher (shoes industry), Rand Sewer (shoes industry), Saddle Stitcher (shoes industry), Saddle-Lining Stitcher (shoes industry), Seam-Stay Stitcher (shoes industry), Shank Stitcher (shoes industry), Sock-Lining Stitcher (shoes industry), Stitcher, Utility (shoes industry), Strap Stitcher (shoes industry), Tape Stitcher (shoes industry), Tip Stitcher (shoes industry), Toe-Lining Closer (shoes industry), Tongue And Quarter Stitcher (shoes industry), Tongue-Lining Stitcher (shoes industry), Tongue Stitcher (shoes industry), Top Stitcher (shoes industry), Underlay Stitcher (shoes industry), Upper Stitcher (shoes industry), Vamp Stitcher (shoes industry), Welting Stitcher, Front (shoes industry), Wrapper Stitcher (shoes industry).

Job industry: shoes industry

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