Carpenters And Related Jobs: A description for the carpenters and related jobs group

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Carpenters And Related Jobs – This job group consists off jobs regarding to fabricating, installing, and repairing structures and structural members made of wood and materials that can be worked like wood, for example plastic and fiberglass, using bandsaws, ripsaws, planers, braces, hammers, and other carpentry tools and woodworking machines.

Job descriptions in this group:
Acoustical Tile Carpenters Supervisor
Boatbuilders Wood Supervisor
Carpenters Supervisor
Joiners Supervisor
Mold Construction Supervisor
Carpenter Labor Supervisor
Carpenter Inspector
Maintenance Carpenter
Ship Carpenter
Wood Boatbuilder
Wood Boatbuilder Apprentice
Acoustical Carpenter
Carpenter Apprentice
Bridge Carpenter
Mold Carpenter
Railcar Carpenter
Rough Carpenter
Form Builder
Joiner 1
Joiner Apprentice
Shipwright Apprentice
Tank Builder And Erector
Tank Erector
Carpenter 1
Joiner Helper
Shipwright Helper
Carpenter 2
Beam Builder
Car Blocker
Display Fabricator

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