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Rough Carpenter – Bracer Builds rough wooden structures, for example concrete forms, scaffolds, tunnel and sewer supports, and temporary frame shelters, according to sketches, blueprints, or oral instructions: Examines specifications to determine dimensions of structure. Measures boards, timbers, or plywood, using square, measuring tape, and ruler, and marks cutting lines on materials, using pencil and scriber. Saws boards and plywood panels to required sizes. Nails cleats (braces) across boards to construct concrete-supporting forms. Braces forms in place with timbers, tie rods, and anchor bolts, for use in building concrete piers, footings, and walls. Erects chutes for pouring concrete. Cuts and assembles timbers to build trestles and cofferdams. Builds falsework to temporarily strengthen, protect, or disguise buildings undergoing construction. Erects scaffolding for buildings and ship structures and installs ladders, handrails, walkways, platforms, and gangways. Installs door and window bucks (rough frames in which finished frames are inserted) in designated positions in building framework, and braces them with boards nailed to framework. Installs subflooring in buildings. Nails plaster grounds (wood or metal strips) to studding to provide guide for PLASTERER (construction industry). Fits and nails sheathing (first covering of boards) on outer walls and roofs of buildings. Builds sleds from logs and timbers for use in hauling camp buildings and machinery through wooded areas. When specializing in particular phase of rough carpentry, is designated according to specialty as Carpenter, Cradle And Dolly (boat industry), Dock Builder (construction industry), Falsework Builder (construction industry), Scaffold Builder (construction industry) (boat industry), Sheather (construction industry), Timber Setter (construction industry). When building and repairing timber structures which support sawmill machinery, is designated Construction Millwright (sawmill and planing mill). When performing rough carpentry work above ground on sewer or tunnel projects, is designated Surface Carpenter (construction industry).

Job industry: construction industry

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Rough Carpenter
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Holiday Detector Operator
Hydro Pneumatic Tester

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