Cashiers And Tellers: A description for the cashiers and tellers group

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Cashiers And Tellers: This job group consists off jobs regarding to receiving and disbursing money and recording transactions. Most jobs involve use of calculators, cash registers, change makers, or computer terminals. Some machines, for example cash registers, may also be connected to computers and use a scanner to record customer purchases. It consists off jobs regarding to receiving and disbursing money in banks and other financial institutions.

Job descriptions in this group:
Head Teller
Cashiers Supervisor
Food Checkers And Cashiers Supervisor
Money Room Supervisor
Tellers Supervisor
Cashier 1
Foreign Banknote Teller Trader
Paymaster Of Purses
Vault Teller
Cashier 2
Cashier Checker
Cashier Wrapper
Gambling Cashier
Check Cashier
Drivers Cash Clerk
Teller 1
Toll Collector
Courtesy Booth Cashier
Money Counter
Parimutuel Ticket Cashier
Parimutuel Ticket Seller
Sheet Writer
Ticket Seller
Change Person
Tube Room Cashier
Food Checker
Food And Beverage Checker

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