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Ticket Seller: Cashier, ticket selling Sells tickets for travel on ferryboats, street railroads, buses, and for admission to places of entertainment, for example skating rinks, baseball parks, stadiums, and amusement parks: Depresses key on ticket-dispensing machine that automatically ejects number of tickets requested by patron or tears tickets from roll and hands ticket to patron. Accepts payment and makes change. Answers questions concerning fares, routes, schedules, and reservations, and gives information concerning coming attractions. Keeps daily balance sheet of cash received and tickets sold. May also fill reservations for seats by telephone or mail. May also sell tickets from box office and be designated Cashier, Box Office (recreation industry). May also collect fares from repeat riders at amusement park and be designated Second-Ride-Fare Collector (recreation industry). May also collect fares from railroad passengers at station and sell commuter tickets and be designated Station Agent (transportation industry) II.

Job industry: clerical jobs

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