Coil Winding Machines Set Up Mechanic: A description for the coil winding machines set up mechanic job

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Coil Winding Machines Set Up Mechanic – Sets up, adjusts, and maintains machines used to wind, tape, form, strip, or connect wire for electrical coils, using setup charts and handtools: Changes fixtures in automatic coil-winding machines and core-insulating machines, replaces wire supply, and threads wire or insulating paper through tension devices to accommodate different size coils and windings. Turns screws and knobs to adjust settings of electrical switches and counters in automatic armature-and-field-coil-winding machines, using wrenches and screwdriver. Tightens bolts to align pulleys and adjust belt tension. Removes winding jaws from automatic winding machines and holds against powered buffing wheel to smooth surfaces, using lapping compound. Changes forming dies and holding devices in coil forming presses and changes cutting blades in wire-stripping machine to accommodate different sizes of wire. Replaces defective parts. Operates power grinder to make specialty tools used in winding department, for example picks, winding hooks, and scrapers.

Job industry: electrical industry

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