Cathode Ray Tube Assembler: A description for the cathode ray tube assembler job

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Cathode Ray Tube Assembler – Performs any combination of following tasks to assemble cathode-ray tubes used in television and display equipment: Removes funnel from rack and places funnel onto conveyorized washing, rinsing, and drying equipment. Positions funnel in rotatable holding chuck to secure funnel for painting. Inserts brush into rotating funnel and paints dag (conductive graphite) coating as indicated by chuck guide to provide electric conductivity. Verifies that aperture mask and display screen fit together according to corresponding numbers. Examines aperture mask and screen in light box to detect misaligned color dots, using microscope. Positions funnel in rotatable chuck equipped with automatic frit dispenser. Moves controls that index frit dispenser around edge of funnel mouth to dispense sealant. Removes frit-coated funnel from chuck and secures funnel in jig for joining display screen assembly onto funnel. Positions display screen assembly on funnel edge and aligns screen with reference points on funnel. Pushes jig onto conveyor leading into oven to fuse funnel and display screen assembly into bulb. Places bulb on holding fixture of sprayer to coat interior surface of bulb with protective layer of lacquer. Places bulb onto holding fixture of evaporation equipment to apply aluminized coating to interior surface of bulb. Places bulb onto conveyor that carries bulb through processing stations to preheat bulb, insert and fuse gun to neck of bulb to form tube, and anneals and cools tube assembly. Places tube onto cart or conveyor for further processing. Inspects tube for imperfections, for example blemishes, coating defects, scratches, bubbles, or stains, using magnifier, ultraviolet light, inspection booth, or unaided vision. May also be designated according to duties performed as Aluminizer (electronic industry), Bulb Assembler (electronic industry), Dag Coater (electronic industry), Frit Coater (electronic industry), Funnel Coater (electron comp.), Gun-Sealing-Machine Operator (electronic industry), Lacquer Sprayer (electronic industry).

Job industry: electronic industry

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