Electronics Tester 1: A description for the electronics tester 1 job

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Electronics Tester 1 – Tests function of electronic assemblies, components, and parts according to established procedures, using computerized or standard test equipment: Connects electronic assembly, component, or part to test instrument, for example ohmmeter, voltmeter, ammeter, resistance bridge, or oscilloscope, or to automatic or computerized test equipment, and turns switch to actuate test equipment. Reads instrument dial or scope, or observes viewing screen, that indicates resistance, capacitance, continuity, and wave pattern or defect, for example short circuit or current leakage. Compares instrument reading or monitor display with standard and rejects defective units. Records type and quantity of defect. May also verify dimensions of parts, using standard gauges. May also examine assembly, component, or part for defects, for example short leads, bent plate, or cracked seal. May also tend equipment that subjects unit to stress prior to testing. May also replace defective components or repair defective wiring after testing. May also operate burn-in oven to elevate printed circuit board temperature prior to testing. May also adjust circuits in radios and televisions for maximum signal response. May also be designated according to unit tested or test equipment used as Auto-Test Equipment Operator (electronic industry), Solid State Tester (electronic industry), Tester, Printed Circuit Boards (electronic industry), Tube Tester (electronic industry).

Job industry: television industry electronic industry instruments industry it industry

Other job descriptions:
Electronics Tester 1
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Printed Circuit Boards Inspector
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Deflash And Wash Operator
Die Attaching Machine Tender
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Burning Forming And Assembly Supervisor
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Battery Recharger
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Storage Battery Inspector And Tester
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Machine Lead Burner
Dry Cell Battery Assembler
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Cell Repairer
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Plate Slitter And Inspector
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