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Computer Processing Scheduler: Schedules work for computer processing and monitors execution of schedule, using software and computer terminal: Reviews computer processing job requests received from programmers and computer users, and talks with programmers and users to determine processing requirements, for example computer time and memory required, and priority. Develops processing schedule, using computer terminal and job scheduling software. Reviews completed schedule to detect conflicts and ensure availability of memory and other computer resources, using computer terminal. Talks with programmers and users to resolve conflicts in schedule. Enters commands to ensure that new processing jobs do not hinder computer operation, following programmers’ specifications. Monitors computer terminal display to detect problem, and to ensure that data entered are correct and that jobs will run as scheduled. Corrects problem, for example failure of program to run, or program running incorrect sequence. May also establish guidelines for scheduling work. May also train other workers in use of scheduling software.

Job industry: clerical jobs

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