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Order Detailer: Job-order clerk, ticketer, work-order detailer Compiles purchase orders and product specifications to prepare worksheets used in assembly or manufacture of products: Compares customer purchase order with specifications to determine method of assembly or manufacture and materials needed. Records data, for example quantity, quality, type, and size of material, and expected completion date, on worksheet. Obtains documents, for example assembly instructions and blueprints, from files and attaches to worksheet. Routes worksheet and other assembly documents to specified department. May also keep inventory of stock on hand and requisition needed material and supplies. May also compile purchase order data, maintain stock and production records, and prepare production worksheets, using computer. May also prepare worksheets pertaining to cloth printing and mixing of printing colors and be designated Formula Checker (textile products) (textile industry). May also prepare worksheets and order steel stock for rolling mill and be designated Provider (mill industry). May also prepare work order and allocate silicon crystal ingots that meet customer specifications for use in manufacturing semiconductor wafers and be designated Allocations Clerk (electronics). May also compile process specification sheets and prepare and issue materials for use in semiconductor crystal growing and be designated Production Material Coordinator (electronic industry).

Job industry: clerical jobs

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