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Production Clerks: This job group consists off jobs regarding to compiling records and reports on various aspects of production, for example materials and parts used, products produced, and frequency of defects, estimating or measuring amount of material needed and computing material and production costs, counting, measuring, or weighing goods produced or material on hand to tally data for production control or payroll purposes, charting production progress, preparing or distributing work tickets, formula cards, or other production guides, scheduling and expediting flow of work and materials for production or repair, coordinating, scheduling or monitoring production, using electronic equipment, and observing production operations to log products produced, materials used, processes completed, and machine and instrument readings. Jobs regarding to preparing payroll and timekeeping records from production data are found in Group 215.

Job descriptions in this group:
Measurement Department Chief Clerk
Head Control Clerk
Production Clerks Supervisor
Production Control Supervisor
Paperboard Products Production Scheduler
Copy Cutter
Material Coordinator
Production Coordinator
Retort Load Expediter
Customer Services Coordinator
Aircraft Log Clerk
Relay Dispatcher
Paperboard Boxes Estimator
Progress Clerk
Railroad Maintenance Clerk
Computer Processing Scheduler
Alterations Workroom Clerk
Printing Estimator
Follow Up Clerk
Industrial Order Clerk
Line Up Worker
Locomotive Lubricating Systems Clerk
Machine Stoppage Frequency Checker
Maintenance Data Analyst
Material Expediter
Computerized Mill Mill Recorder
Relay Record Clerk
Reproduction Order Processor
Sales Correspondent
Maintenance Scheduler
Service Clerk
Traffic Clerk 2
Work Order Sorting Clerk
Television Production Clerk
Formula Clerk
Chart Clerk
Production Clerk
Repair Order Clerk
Sample Clerk
Back Shoe Worker
Complaint Clerk
Control Clerk
Jewelry Estimator
Expediter Clerk
Jacket Preparer
Job Tracer
Laundry Clerk
Melter Clerk
Order Detailer
Production Assistant
Batch Records Clerk
Gin Clerk
Fabric And Accessories Estimator
Lumber Estimator
Ticket Worker
Yardage Estimator
Lumber Scaler
Chart Changer
Checker In
Odd Piece Checker
Outsole Scheduler
Recorder 1
Tare Weigher
Ticket Scheduler
Weave Defect Charting Clerk
Wheel Press Clerk
Yardage Control Clerk
Work Ticket Distributor
Ticket Puller

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