Concrete Plant Laborer: A description for the concrete plant laborer job

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Concrete Plant Laborer: Performs variety of tasks in establishment manufacturing concrete products: Ties strip of cloth around bell of freshly cast concrete pipe to maintain circular shape of bell during curing. Arranges pipe in storage yard and stacks pipe for shipment. Places rubber gaskets on pipe. Stacks concrete blocks on pallets for removal by forklift truck. Feeds concrete blocks into block-breaking machine or abrasive saw to shape blocks. Immerses chimney flue liner sections in sealing compound. Brushes stone facings to remove loose material, applies acid solution, using brush to remove concrete around stones, and washes acid from stone, using water hose. Repairs defects in concrete surfaces, using mortar or grout and trowel, and smooths rough spots, using chisel and abrasive stone. Opens gates of railroad cars to allow materials to flow into storage chutes. Loads, unloads, and moves cement, sand, and gravel to work areas, using wheelbarrow, handtruck, or industrial truck. Cleans yard and plant, using shovel, broom, and water hose, and performs other duties as assigned. May also be designated according to specific duties performed as Acid Cutter (concrete industry), Bell Tier (concrete industry), Block Breaker (concrete industry), Block Cuber (concrete industry), Flue-Lining Dipper (concrete industry), Rough Patcher (concrete industry), Yarder (concrete industry).

Job industry: concrete industry

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