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Contour Grinder – Profile grinder Sets up and operates machine with single or multiple grinding wheels to shape building or monumental stone into various designs: Levels and aligns stone on car or machine bed according to design specified for stone, using crowbar, wedges, square, and spirit level. Clamps stone to backstop, securing stone for grinding. Selects template, according to contour of design, and bolts template into position on machine to guide grinding wheel over stone. Turns valve to spray water over wheels and stone. Moves levers to lower grinding wheel against stone and start machine that moves rotating wheel back and forth over stone, following outline of template. Observes ammeter to determine resistance against wheel and moves lever to increase or decrease pressure on wheel. Compares stone with template or scans design marked on stone to determine conformance to specifications. Dresses surface of worn grinding wheels by holding dressing tool against rotating wheel. May also rough out contour of stone preparatory to finishing by machine, using chisel, hammer, and pneumatic cutting tools. May also operate machine without template to grind flat surface on stone [TOP POLISHER (stone industry)]. May also operate machine to grind joints or grooves or cut and shape stone moldings, fluted columns, panels, and decorative designs in building or monumental stones.

Job industry: stone industry

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