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Card Grinder – Card fixer, card setter Grinds wire teeth on drums and flats of carding machines to uniform height, and sets up machines according to specifications and fiber processing standards: Removes fibers adhering to wire teeth of cylinder and doffing drums, using card stripper. Removes belts and disengages gears not needed for grinding operation. Lifts grinding rollers onto brackets above flats and carding and doffing cylinders of machine. Places drive belt between carding machine drive mechanism and grinder rolls, and starts machine. Turns setscrews and listens to sound of grinder to regulate pressure of grinding roller on teeth of drum. Examines and feels teeth to verify that grinding meets specifications. Removes grinding rolls, and brushes emery dust from teeth of cylinder. Adjusts clearances between card rolls and flats to set up machine, using leaf, flat, and pin gauges, and listens for contact of surfaces. Replaces defective parts, using handtools. Cleans and oils machines. May also replace worn cloth on cylinders of carding machine [CARD CLOTHIER (textile industry) 628.381-010]. May also remove carding drum and grind drum on separate machine. May also direct CARD TENDER (abrasive) (textile industry) 680.685-018 and other cardroom employees in setting up grinding equipment. May also be designated according to machine repaired as Napper Grinder (textile industry).

Job industry: abrasive textile industry

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