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Customs Inspector: Inspects cargo, baggage, articles worn or carried by persons, and vessels, vehicles, or aircraft entering or leaving United States to enforce customs and related laws: Boards carriers arriving from foreign ports, and inspects and searches carriers to determine nature of cargoes. Superintends loading and unloading of cargo to ensure compliance with customs, neutrality, and commerce laws. Weighs, measures, and gauges imported goods, using calipers, measuring rods, scale, and hydrometer. Examines baggage of passengers arriving from foreign territory to discover contraband or undeclared merchandise. Conducts body search of passengers or crewmembers. Questions suspicious persons to clarify irregularities and explains laws and regulations to tourists or others unfamiliar with customs statutes and procedures. Seals hold and compartments containing sea stores (supplies for ship’s personnel) to prevent illegal sale or smuggling of dutiable merchandise. Examines crew and passenger lists, manifests, pratiques, store lists, declarations of merchandise, and ships’ documents and issues required permits. Classifies articles and assesses and collects duty on merchandise. Writes reports of findings, transactions, violations, and discrepancies. Seizes contraband and undeclared merchandise and detains or arrests persons involved in violations. May also perform preliminary immigration screening of persons entering United States. May also take samples of merchandise for appraising. May also be designated according to type of inspection performed as Baggage Inspector (government industry), Border Inspector (government industry), Cargo Inspector (government industry).

Job industry: government industry

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