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Die Cutter – Beam-machine operator, clicker, clicker operator, clicking-machine operator, die-press operator, dinking-machine operator, power-press operator Operates machine to cut out parts of specified size and shape from materials, for example cardboard, cloth, leather, mica, paper, plastic, or rubber: Places single or multiple layers of material on bed of machine. Turns handwheel to raise or lower head of machine (ram) according to thickness of material or depth of die. Positions one or more cutting dies on material or clamps dies to head of machine and positions material under dies to ensure maximum utilization of material. Depresses pedal or moves lever to activate ram that forces die through material. Removes cut parts from die or bed of machine. Measures parts with rule or compares parts with standard to verify conformance to specifications. Stacks parts in storage area according to size and shape. May also sharpen cutting edges of dies, using file or hone. When operating machine to trim hat brims, is designated Rounding-Machine Operator (hat industry). May also be designated according to type of die used as Adjustable-Die Cutter (paper industry), Solid-Die Cutter (paper industry), or according to part cut as Sole-Leather-Cutting-Machine Operator (shoes industry), Toppiece Cutter (shoes industry), Trimming Cutter (clothing industry). May also be designated: Beam-Press Operator (rubber goods), Box-Toe Cutter (shoes industry), Brim Cutter (hat industry), Buckram Cutter (shoes industry) (hat industry) (leather products industry), Cap-Parts Cutter (hat industry), Double Cutter (shoes industry), Glove-Parts Cutter (glove industry), Handbag-Parts Cutter (leather products industry), Hat-Parts Cutter (leather products industry), Heel-Lift-Beam Cutter (shoes industry), Helmet-Hat-Brim Cutter (hat industry), Insole Cutter, Machine (shoes industry), Label Cutter (clothing industry), Leather-Novelty-Parts Cutter (leather products industry), Lining Cutter, Machine (shoes industry), Outsole Cutter, Machine (shoes industry), Shoe-Parts Cutter (shoes industry), Silk-Lining Cutter, Machine (shoes industry) (hat industry) (leather products industry), Single-Beam Clicker (shoes industry) (hat industry) (leather products industry), Sole-Cutting-Machine Operator (shoes industry), Top-Lift Cutter (shoes industry), Trimming Cutter, Machine (shoes industry), Twin-Beam Clicker (shoes industry) (hat industry) (leather products industry), Upper Cutter, Machine (shoes industry).

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