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Diver 1 – Submarine worker Works below surface of water, using scuba gear (self-contained underwater breathing apparatus) or in diving suit with air line extending to surface to inspect, repair, remove, and install equipment and structures: Descends into water with aid of DIVER HELPER (industry), and communicates with surface by signal line or telephone. Inspects docks and bottoms and propellers of ships. Repairs vessels below water line, replacing missing or leaking rivets with bolts. Caulks leaks in ships or caissons. Guides placement of pilings for structures, for example docks, bridges, cofferdams, and oil drilling platforms. Lays, inspects, and repairs underwater pipelines, cables, and sewers, using handtools. Cuts and welds steel, using oxyycetylene cutting torch and arc-welding equipment, utilizing air balloon device for working underwater. Cleans debris from intake and discharge strainers. Removes obstructions from marine railway or launching ways with pneumatic and power handtools. Levels rails by driving wedges beneath track with maul or sledgehammer. Removes launching cradles and sliding ways from keels of newly launched vessels, using power and handtools. Places rigging around sunken objects and hooks rigging to crane lines. Rigs explosives for underwater demolitions. Searches for lost, missing, or sunken objects, for example bodies, torpedoes, sunken vessels, and equipment. Places recording instruments below surface of water preparatory to underwater tests or experiments. May also set sheet pilings for cofferdams. May also drill holes in rock for blasting purposes at bottom of lake or harbor and be designated Marine Driller (construction industry). May also work in flooded mines. May also use armored diving equipment for dangerous missions. May also photograph underwater structures or marine life. May also place sandbags around pipelines or base of cofferdam to provide structural support.

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