Domestic Animal Farming Jobs: A description for the domestic animal farming jobs group

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Domestic Animal Farming Jobs: This job group consists off jobs regarding to breeding, raising, gathering, and caring for domestic animals and domesticated wild animals, for example cattle, sheep, dogs, buffalo, and reindeer, and collecting their products, for example milk, wool, and fur. Jobs regarding to raising domestic fowl are included in Group 411, game animals in Group 412, and lower animals in Group 413.

Job descriptions in this group:
Barn Boss
Artificial Breeding Ranch Supervisor
Dairy Farm Supervisor
Stock Ranch Supervisor
Livestock Yard Supervisor
Wool Shearing Supervisor
Kennel Supervisor
Research Dairy Farm Supervisor
Camp Tender
Top Screw
Animal Maintenance Supervisor
Animal Breeder 1
Fur Farmer
Livestock Rancher
Hog Confinement System Manager
Milk Sampler
Livestock Farmworker
Animal Caretaker
Livestock Yard Attendant
Stable Attendant
Dairy Farmworker
Sheep Shearer
Machine Milker
Fleece Tier
Goat Herder
Sheep Herder
Wool Fleece Sorter

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