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Animal Breeder 1: Breeds and raises animals, for example cats, dogs, guinea pigs, mice, monkeys, rabbits, and rats: Selects and breeds animals, according to knowledge of animals, genealogy, traits, and offspring desired. Feeds and waters animals, and cleans pens, cages, yards, and hutches. Examines animals to detect symptoms of illness or injury. Treats minor injuries and ailments and engages VETERINARIAN (medical industry) to treat animals with serious illnesses or injuries. Records weight, diet and other breeding data. Builds and maintains hutches, pens, and fenced yards. Adjusts controls to maintain specific temperature in building. Arranges for sale of animals to hospitals, research centers, pet shops, and food processing plants. May also exhibit animals at shows. May also be designated according to kind of animal bred and raised as Cat Breeder (agricultural services industry), Dog Breeder (agricultural services industry), Guinea-Pig Breeder (agricultural services industry), Monkey Breeder (agricultural services industry), Mouse Breeder (agricultural services industry), Rabbit Breeder (agricultural services industry), Rat Breeder (agricultural services industry).

Job industry: agricultural services industry

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Animal Breeder 1
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