Earth Boring Drilling Cutting And Related Jobs: A description for the earth boring drilling cutting and related jobs group

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Earth Boring Drilling Cutting And Related Jobs – This job group consists off jobs regarding to drilling wells, undercutting coal seams, sawing and splitting virgin rock, and related activities involved with tapping water- or mineral-bearing formations, obtaining samples of subsurface strata, and loosening or removing materials, using handtools, and hydraulic, electric, or pneumatic power tools, cutting and drilling machines, and other devices. Jobs regarding to construction excavating are found in Groups 850 and 859.

Job descriptions in this group:
Tool Pusher
Oil Well Services Field Supervisor
Dimension Stone Quarry Supervisor
Technical Operator
Oil Well Fishing Tool Technician
Formation Testing Operator
Oil Pipe Inspector
Oil Well Service Unit Operator
Clean Out Driller
Oil Pipe Inspector Helper
Machine Driller 1
Pipe Tester
Prospecting Driller
Rotary Derrick Operator
Rotary Driller
Well Puller
Channeling Machine Runner
Drilling Machine Operator
Long Wall Shear Operator
Shale Planer Operator
Caser 1
Clean Out Driller Helper
Long Wall Mining Machine Tender
Driller Helper
Shale Planer Operator Helper
Core Drill Operator 1
Continuous Mining Machine Operator
Cutter Operator 2
Well Service Derrick Worker
Harvester Operator
Roof Bolter
Flame Channeler
Well Service Floor Worker
Jackhammer Operator
Quarry Plug And Feather Driller
Rotary Driller Helper
Mud Plant Operator
Bottom Hole Pressure Recording Operator Helper
Core Drill Operator Helper
Cutter Operator Helper

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