Core Drill Operator 1: A description for the core drill operator 1 job

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Core Drill Operator 1 – Shot-core-drill operator, test borer, test-hole driller, wash driller Sets up and operates drilling equipment to obtain solid core samples of strata for analyzing geological characteristics of ground, nature of ore, or strength of foundation material: Drives or guides truck-mounted drilling equipment onto metal or wood foundation, or assembles equipment in position. Connects power lines to equipment. Attaches diamond churn, alloy, or percussion bit to drill rod, and fastens rod in machine, using wrench or other handtools. Starts power unit. Moves clutch and throttle to control rotation and feed of drill bit into ground. Couples additional lengths of drill rod as bit advances. Withdraws drill rod from hole after specified depth has been reached and extracts core from hollow barrel located behind drilling bit. Records depths from which core samples are taken. Lubricates machine, using grease gun, and replaces parts, for example worn winch cables. May also replace diamonds in bit as they become worn, chipped, or lost, where diamond drill is used [DIAMOND MOUNTER (tools industry)]. May also operate water pump to pump water down borehole to cool drill bit. May also be designated according to type of drill used as Diamond Driller (industry).

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