Rotary Driller Helper: A description for the rotary driller helper job

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Rotary Driller Helper – Driller helper, rotary helper, roughneck Assists ROTARY DRILLER (gas industry) in operating machinery to drill oil or gas wells, using handtools and power tongs and wrenches: Assembles and disassembles casings and pipe sections, using hand and power wrenches and tongs. Sets curved metal wedges around pipe string at wellhead to prevent string from falling into well during change or addition of pipe sections. Tightens or loosens threaded joints between sections, using tongs or chain wrenches. Guides lower end of pipe sections to or from well opening. Loosens or tightens joints, using cathead (winch). Mixes drilling mud (clay and sand slush), using power agitators. Reads gauge to ascertain pressure on drilling tools at bottom of well and reports irregularities to ROTARY DRILLER (gas industry). Repairs drilling machinery, slush pumps, and derricks. Digs drainage ditches, racks tools, and cleans drilling floor around rig. May also assist in erecting and dismantling rigs. Performs other duties as described under HELPER (industry) Master Title. May also be known according to specific duty performed as Back-Up Worker (gas industry), Cathead Worker (gas industry), Lead-Tong Worker (gas industry), Pipe Racker (gas industry).

Job industry: gas industry

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