Excavating Grading And Related Jobs: A description for the excavating grading and related jobs group

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Excavating Grading And Related Jobs – This job group consists off jobs regarding to removing earth materials to and from open or underground excavations, including mines, dredging irrigation ditches, canals, and inland or offshore marine channels, and related activities, for example tending air locks and operating underground haulage equipment. Jobs in extraction of minerals are included in Division 93.

Job descriptions in this group:
Reclamation Supervisor 2
Core Drilling Supervisor
Labor Gang Supervisor
Riprap Placing Supervisor
Inspector Of Dredging
Grade Checker
Horizontal Earth Boring Machine Operator
Rock Drill Operator 2
Dredge Operator
Elevating Grader Operator
Lock Tender 2
Motor Grader Operator
Stripping Shovel Operator
Shield Runner
Bulldozer Operator 1
Ditcher Operator
Dragline Operator
Form Grader Operator
Mucking Machine Operator
Power Shovel Operator
Rock Drill Operator 1
Scraper Operator
Tower Excavator Operator
Utility Tractor Operator
Horizontal Earth Boring Machine Operator Helper
Stripping Shovel Oiler

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