Gravity Flow Irrigator: A description for the gravity flow irrigator job

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Gravity Flow Irrigator: Irrigates field and row crops, using any of following gravity-flow methods: (a) Lifts gate in side of flooded irrigation ditch, permitting water to flow into bordered section of field. Shovels and packs dirt in low spots of embankment or cuts trenches in high areas to direct water flow. Closes gate in ditch when bordered section is flooded. (b) Removes plugs from portholes in pipes or wooden tunnels set in embankment at end of rows and observes water flowing through portholes. Removes obstructions from rows and builds up edges of rows with dirt. Plugs porthole as each row is filled. (c) Opens gate or connects standpipe (vertical pipe) to underground pipe system that releases waterflow into reservoir or ditch. Siphons water from flooded reservoir or gate or connects standpipe (vertical pipe) to underground pipe system that releases waterflow into reservoir or ditch. Shovels or hoes soil to clear ditches and furrows and build embankments that channel water in assigned area but avoid overflow into areas that could be damaged by water. May also mix and apply cement solution to fill holes and cracks in concrete-lined pipes, ditches, and spillways, and make minor repairs to metal, concrete, and wooden frameworks in pipe and ditch valves and gates. May also carry, lay out, and join portable irrigation-pipe sections to link up main ditch or pipe with field.

Job industry: agricultural services industry

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