Hand Buffing Wheel Former: A description for the hand buffing wheel former job

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Hand Buffing Wheel Former – Folds and gathers cloth within metal ring to form buffing wheels, using hand-actuated forming and pressing device: Lifts roll of cloth onto holder or draws end from box and threads end through guides and over steam pipes. Positions front section of forming drum on rod at specified distance from rear section. Pulls material over drum and centers it over space between drum sections. Secures cloth edges over pins across drum. Turns valve or depresses pedal to admit steam to pipes to soften material. Turns crank to wind specified amount of material around drum. Pushes lever to close jaws of pressing device that forces cloth between drum sections, folding and gathering cloth in center. Removes front section of drum. Pulls half of gathered cloth forward from pressing jaws, slides ring over cloth to secure gathers in center, and turns cloth over ring to cover it. Raises lever to open jaws of pressing device and removes buffing wheel.

Job industry: textile products

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