Harness And Bag Inspector: A description for the harness and bag inspector job

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Harness And Bag Inspector – Inspects parachute deployment bags and harnesses to detect defects in assembly, stitching, or webbing, using checklist: Unfolds back pad, seat pack, or accessory, for example protector flap, cone panel, ripcord pocket, or riser pocket, and examines them for flaws, for example defective material and stitching or loose eyelets. Determines if accessories are at specified location, using straightedge, and pulls accessories to ensure that they are securely attached to seat pack. Lays harness on table and checks measurements of straps and assembly points, using ruler or measurements marked on table. Inspects harness for defects, for example damaged webbing, poor stitching, smears in silk screen printing, and attachment of component parts. Marks defects with pins. Lifts stitches with point of scissors to determine whether correct tension was used, and trims loose threads with scissors. May also be designated according to part or parts inspected as Back-Pad Inspector (textile products), Harness Inspector (textile products), Seat-Pack Inspector (textile products).

Job industry: textile products

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