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Helmet Coverer – Cloth-covered-helmet puller, cloth coverer, crimping machine operator Tends machine that presses and joins cloth covering onto fiber helmet bodies, using either or both of following methods: (a) Positions precemented helmet bodies over mold on machine bed. Positions precut cloth over helmet and pulls cloth taut to remove wrinkles, assisted by co-worker. Depresses pedal that raises machine bed to force helmet into heated head of machine, pressing cloth onto crown of helmet. Releases pedal to lower machine bed and removes helmet. Trims excess cloth from edge of helmet brim, using knife or pinking shears. (b) Inserts covered crown of helmet in mold on bed of machine. Depresses pedal that raises machine bed, to force helmet brim into slot of heated head of machine, pressing cloth over rolled edge of helmet to inside of brim. May also be designated according to part of helmet covered as Helmet-Brim Coverer (hat industry), Helmet-Crown Coverer (hat industry).

Job industry: hat industry

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