Horticultural Specialty Jobs: A description for the horticultural specialty jobs group

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Horticultural Specialty Jobs: This job group consists off jobs regarding to propagating and raising products, for example nursery stock, flowers, flowering plants, flower seeds, bulbs, and turf grasses. Also included are jobs regarding to growing food crops, for example mushrooms and rhubarb, which require controlled environmental conditions. Jobs regarding to propagating, raising, and transplanting forest trees are classified in Group 451.

Job descriptions in this group:
Horticultural Specialty Farming Supervisor
Rose Grading Supervisor
Bonsai Culturist
Field Horticultural Specialty Grower
Inside Horticultural Specialty Grower
Plant Propagator
Bulbs Farmworker
Mushroom Growth Media Mixer
Horticultural Worker 1
Flower Picker
Horticultural Worker 2
Orchid Transplanter

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