Plant Propagator: A description for the plant propagator job

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Plant Propagator: Propagates plants, for example orchids and rhododendrons, applying knowledge of environmental controls and plant culture: Confers with management personnel to ascertain type and number of species to propagate and to develop and revise nutrient formulas and environmental-control specifications. Selects materials according to kind of plant, mixes growth media, and prepares containers, for example jars, pots, and trays. Initiates new plant growth, using methods for example following: (a) Cuts leaves, stems, or rhizomes from parent plant and places cuttings in growth media. (b) Bends, covers, or buries branches of parent plant in soil, securing branches with pegs or rocks. (c) Wounds stems of parent plant, using sharp knife, inserts pebble into wound, and binds wound with moss, burlap, or raffia. (d) Plants meristem and seeds in growth media. (e) Breaks off or cuts apart and plants roots, crowns, and tubers from parent plant. Inspects growing area to ascertain temperature and humidity conditions, and regulates systems of heaters, fans, and sprayers to ensure conformance with specifications. Gives transplanting and cultivation instructions to coworkers, and monitors activities to assure adherence to established plant-culture procedures. May also graft or divide developing plants to promote altered growth characteristics. May also log activities, maintain propagation records, and compile periodic reports.

Job industry: agricultural services industry

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