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Identification Clerk 1: Performs any combination of following duties to compile and transmit records, relay information, microfilm documents, and take and classify fingerprints in police agency: Retrieves and prints copies of police records and reports requested by public and police personnel, using computer and printer. Retrieves information on vehicles and persons requested by patrolling police officers, and provides information to officers over police radio communications system. Operates equipment to microfilm crime and accident reports. Files microfilm. Retrieves microfilmed information upon request of police officials or public, and operates equipment to copy requested information. Tends facsimile machine to transmit and receive photographs, fingerprints, and accompanying information. Fingerprints applicants for licenses and assists in preparation of applications. Classifies fingerprints and matches fingerprints with prints previously filed as evidence in unsolved crimes [FINGERPRINT CLASSIFIER (government industry) 375.387-010]. Compiles and submits periodic reports pertaining to police department activities.

Job industry: government industry

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