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Traffic Clerk: Traffic manager Compiles log (broadcast schedule) of radio, television, or cable television commercial and public-service spot announcements, using computer: Reviews on-air time sales orders and public-service announcements to verify completeness of data required for log, for example sponsor identity, date, time, and duration of announcement, and whether live or recorded announcements. Enters information, for example sponsor identity, date, maximum time and frequency of commercials, and established network or local news announcement times, into computer to generate log. Contacts station staff for missing information. Reviews sponsors’ requests for specific dates and times of announcements, and recommends alternate dates and times, or keys information into computer to revise log to avoid conflicts. Enters information into computer to compose daily log, and prints and distributes log to operations personnel and on-air talent. Reviews daily log after use for authorized changes made during broadcast date. May also review content of commercial or public-service announcements for objectionable material. May also operate viewing and or audio equipment to ascertain content and length of commercial or public-service announcements. May also perform additional clerical duties, for example billing, typing correspondence, reception, and filing sales orders, commercial and public-service announcement tapes, and daily logs.

Job industry: broadcasting industry

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